Australian taxation office website hit by unplanned system outage

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DESPITE teams working through the night, sections of the Australian Taxation Office website remain down after their “worst unplanned system outage in recent memory” earlier this week.

MyTax and other online services for individuals remain down today.

The entire site crashed earlier this week.

An independent review has now been launched to examine what went wrong.

Commissioner of Taxation Chris Jordan assured taxpayers none of their data had been lost.

Earlier this week, the ATO suffered its worst unplanned system outage in recent memory, Mr Jordan said in a statement today.

This was an extremely unusual and unfortunate event with the outage caused by a significant and unprecedented failure of storage hardware.

What compounded the problem beyond the initial failure was the subsequent failure of our back-up arrangements to work as planned.

The failure of our back-up arrangements meant that restoration and resumption of data and services has been very complex and time consuming.

Let me confirm there has been no loss or compromise of data.

Service operations were expected to return to normal next week, he said.